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Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion™ $20.99

Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion™

  • High Culture Count
  • Effective Delivery System
  • Multiple Probiotic Strains
  • Convenient Dosage & Potency
  • Company & Purity

Voted America’s #1 Probiotic two years running by Vitamin Retailer magazine, Ultimate Flora is by far the most effective daily probiotic supplement on the market.

The high-potency multi-strain formula includes 30 billion active Bifidobacteria to support the colon and promote regularity, making it ideal for those with troublesome digestive tracts, as well as during and/or following a course of antibiotics.‡ 20 billion Lactobacilli and Lactococcus cultures support the health of the small intestine to enhance digestion and improve immune function.‡ Overall, 10 strains of health-promoting microflorae help maintain a balanced intestinal environment and support optimal well being.‡ Each natural vegetable capsule of Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion uses Enteric-GUARD™ delivery technology, which includes an added layer of protection in each capsules to help deliver more active probiotics directly to the intestines for maximum benefit. Finally, the convenient one-a-day dose helps you get the most bang for your buck, making Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion as cost-effective as it is powerful. All-natural ingredients. No added fillers or binders. Ages 15 and up.

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  1. I started taking this product back in March of 2012. For over 2 years, I had suffered from very bad heart burn on a regular basis. Keeping me up at night and making me tired the next day. Since March, I can honestly say that I have not had any heartburn. I highly recommend this product. I take one pill every morning. I also started taking renew life’s norwegian gold super critical omega just because everyone says to take fish oil these days. Now, I have no joint pain to speak of. I have had a stiff lower back for years every morning. It no longer exists. Crazy right?

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